When Does It Snow in GTA Online in 2021 Festive Surprise?

Who doesn't like snow?

Snow season is one of the rarest events within GTA Online. It’s a wonderful feature that turns Los Santos into a city covered in white and decorations. With December looming in closer, players may be wondering: Is there going to be a snow season for 2021?

What Is Snow Season in GTA Online?

Snow season is a special occurrence where Los Santos and Blaine County are covered in snow. It is designed to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

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For true GTA Online fans, you must have noticed that Rockstar Games always releases the snow season at the end of each year with Festive Surprise. For the last seven years, starting from 2013, Rockstar has always released the event very close to Christmas.

The first snow season occurred back in 2013, on Christmas day that year. For the 2014 event, Rockstar gave Los Santos and Blaine County the snow season from December 24th to 26th, before returning on December 31st to January 2nd, 2015.

What’s certain is that Rockstar always keeps Festive Surprise a Christmas gift, never giving away the exact date of the launch each year.

When Does It Snow in GTA Online in 2021?

You can expect to visit the snowy Los Santos at the ending week of December 2021, which is the last week of the year. The duration of the event varies from one day to a full week.

Although Rockstar always releases Festive Surprise annually, they keep the release date varying and rarely the same day for each year. It is a special occasion type of event to celebrate Christmas and New Year. However, they once released the snow on Los Santos for 2020’s April Fool day. But this year, we haven’t had a snowy day in Los Santos so far.

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