Where to Collect Omni Chips in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Challenges

Three locations to look for Omni Chips!

Fortnite has introduced several new items to the game in Chapter 3 Season 2 now players can upgrade their Tsuki 2.0 Omni Sword with different customizable options available to do that you have to collect Omni Chips. Omni chips can be found in different locations on the island.

Tsuki 2.0 gets Unlocked once you’ve bought the battle pass for Chapter 3 season 2. you can get the battle pass for only 950 V-BUCKS and then you can also earn up to 1500 V-BUCKS by playing which can be used to buy the next battle pass or more items from the shop.

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Where to Collect Omni Chips in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 2

1. The Temple

  • One of the Omni chips can be found on the northernmost Temple.
  • At the top of the central part of the Temple.
  • the last chip at this location can be found on top of the southwestern part of the Temple

2. Loot Lake

  • One chip is located at the stretch of water between the fortress and the loot landing
  • the other one is located on the water north side of the Loot landing.
  • The last Omni chip can be found on the water at the east of the loot landing.

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3. Chonker’s Speedway

  • The first chip can be found on the dirt track below the overbridge.
  • And one more can be found on the eastern part of the track near the wooden planks.
  • The last chip at the location can be found at the northern part of the track by the cliff.

These three locations can become a hotspot as everyone is trying to collect the Omni chips by visiting these locations. so you should expect some intense fights at these locations. and be prepared to clutch.