Rainbow Six Siege Containment Skins - Outfits, Weapon Skins, and Price

New REACT and Archæan skins are now available in Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Containment skins are now available in the in-game shop, including new outfits, headgear, weapon skins, and charms.

Today, Ubisoft officially launched the limited-time Containment event for Rainbow Six Siege, which is a reminder of the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction experience that takes the Siege operators on PvE missions.

In every new event, there are some special bundles and skin packs that are only available for a limited time. Either you are lucky enough to get most of the Containment-themed cosmetics through the Alpha Packs that you earn after matches, or you spend some cash to get them as soon as possible. Either way, getting to know all the available bundles and skins would be helpful.

All Rainbow Six Siege Containment Skins

Ace Pathology Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Thermoplastics Uniform
  • Lab Operative Headgear
  • Thermoplastics AK-12

Amaru Salutary Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Frontliner Uniform
  • Vapor Shield Headgear
  • Modeled Hives G8A1

Aruni Ravage Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Miscreation Uniform
  • Mutated Specter Headgear
  • Anguish Mk14 EBR

Blackbeard Crisis Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Serum Technician Uniform
  • Ambient Air Headgear
  • Compromised Equipment MK17 CQB

IQ Neutralizer Bundle - 1120 Credits

  • Dispatched Uniform
  • Breathing Zone Headgear
  • Anti Resurgence 552 Commando

Jager Metastasis Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Grotesque Brute Uniform
  • Sawtooth Headgear
  • Breakdown 416-C Carbine

Kaid Overpowered Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Ghastly Varmint Uniform
  • Inhuman Headgear
  • Putrescence Aug A3

Mira Mutagenesis Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Monstrosity Uniform
  • Lethal Crud Headgear
  • Corrupted Vector .45 ACP

Warden Agony Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Dreadful Figment Uniform
  • Atrocious Gunk Headgear
  • Decaying MPX

Zero Counterplan Bundle - 1680 Credits

  • Chimera Suppressor
  • Inhalation Headgear
  • Benchmark Model SC3000K

Germination Bundle (Weapon-Only) - 1680 Credits

  • Sentient Growth Weapon Skin
  • Sentient Growth Attachment Skin
  • Antiparasitic Serum Charm

Nomad Hive Mind Set - Free (Through Challenge)

  • Details around this bundle will be revealed on August 17.

The Containment event will be available until August 24. If you managed to get 10 wins in the Containment mode from August 17 until August 24, you will receive the Nomad Hive Mind Set for free.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Luna, and Stadia.