How to Play League of Kingdoms and How Much You Can Earn

How to Play League of Kingdoms
NFTs, skins, lands, all available for sale!

If you have ever played Clash of Clans, then you will probably get learn much easier how to play League of Kingdoms, but when it comes to earning money out of the game, you sure need some guidance.

League of Kingdoms is a strategy game, and it’s available on Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers if you want to play it on PC.

How to Play League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms has pretty simple gameplay. You start the game at a low-tier kingdom with a limited number of resources, while your task is to expand your kingdom with new buildings and a powerful army.

The first thing you need to do in the game is to build Quarry, Lumber, Gold Mine, and Farm to extract the four main resources of the game on your own. Leveling up the building for each one of the resources will increase the extraction rate as well as the capacity for keeping the resources.

Aside from that, you have an Academy building that researches new technologies in resource management, army employment, and other areas of your kingdom. Aside from all buildings, you have the main castle that should be upgraded regularly in order to provide the level-up possibility for other buildings.

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Our suggestion for you is to avoid any battle in the game with AI or other opponents until you reach Level 15. Your kingdom is protected by a unique shield that will be deactivated whenever you decide to attack an opponent’s kingdom. So, the wise decision is to hold your shield as long as you can.

By clicking on the Field button, you can have a look at the surroundings of your kingdom. There are many abandoned resource fields that you can raid by marching your army. This is one of the reasons that you need a big army even if you don’t want to attack anywhere.

In order to defend your kingdom, you should constantly level up your Wall, which is an essential requirement for upgrading your main castle.

How to Earn Money in League of Kingdoms

Earning money in League of Kingdoms is tied to the third-party NFT markets like OpenSea. In League of Kingdoms, you can either earn money by owning lands or selling your resources as NFTs. You cannot gain lands for free. If you want to own a piece of land, you should buy it from OpenSea.

Once you have land, it will reward you with passive income in DAI every day. The amount of DAI you receive is based on two factors: First, the amount of work you put into your land to develop it, either by upgrading your kingdom inside your land or allowing other people to have a kingdom in your land. Second, the amount of in-app purchases from in League of Kingdoms matters as 10% of its net revenue will be distributed among the landowners.

Every land will have a level, and in order to level up your land, you need to upgrade the kingdoms inside it. If you don’t play the game, your land level will be decreased over time.

You can visit this link, to get more information on the number of DAI that is being distributed among each level every day.

Now, if you want to sell resources, you also need to have land. Landowners will gain 5% of every resource gathered from their land, which can be used to their own benefit by either selling them as bundles in OpenSea or using them to develop their own kingdoms.

How Much You Can Earn in League of Kingdoms

The amount of money you can earn in League of Kingdoms depends on various factors. If you only want to earn money from passive income, then you need to put a lot of effort and spend a lot of hours every day to level up your lands. The more you level up your land, the more you can earn DAI off of it.

At the time of writing this article, 2304 DAI is being distributed among landowners every day. As you can guess, this is not a big amount when distributed among thousands of landowners with different levels. This means even a level-7 land couldn’t earn 1 DAI per day.

So, in this case, you are going to need more land to increase your income, and it means you really need to play the game for hours every day to do so. On the other hand, it also means that you should invest a lot of money in purchasing land.

Can You Earn Money in League of Kingdoms Without Investment?

No. There is no way to earn money in League of Kingdoms without owning land, and you own land once you pay for it in crypto.

All in all, League of Kingdoms is a good game for those playing a group rather than doing things alone. Although you will have income by purchasing lands and developing them, this is going to take hours, and it will definitely take months to get your investment back off your lands unless you buy lands, level them up, and then sell them on the market for higher prices. This is probably the best strategy to earn money in the League of Kingdoms.