How to Create a Guild in Wild Rift Patch 2.5 and Play GvG Mode

Wild Rift Patch 2.5
The latest Wild Rift patch allows players to form up a guild.

Riot Games has announced Patch 2.5 for Wild Rift, and it will contain numerous balance changes alongside some new champions. But more importantly, the patch will bring in a new feature called Guilds. In this article, we will detail how to create a Guild in Wild Rift.

Riot Announced a New Feature Called Guilds, What Is It?

Guilds is a new clan-like feature where players can gather with their friends and play the game together. According to Catarina Macedo, Wild Rift’s Growth Lead, players will get a new way to progress together while earning some sweet rewards while doing it.

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Guilds are going to be a haven for players to socialize, forging friendships, and most importantly, ensuring everyone has a good time playing the game.

How to Create a Guild in Wild Rift

Players need to fulfill certain prerequisites before they can make a guild. Players must reach Level 9 first, and they also need to prepare 400 Poro Coins or 200 Wild Cores before they can kickstart a guild.

After all requirements are met, players can go to the Guild Finder section of the guild page and tap the Create button. You’ll then be prompted to fill in the specifics of your guild’s name, tag, icon, description, privacy level, language, and topic labels and many more.

When you join or create a guild, the name and icon will be available in multiple places, such as our profile page, matchmaking banner, and on the leaderboards.

Guild Activities

The Guild itself will contain various activities that players can enjoy. For a starter, there will be a Guild Chat where guildmates can communicate and form a stack to play certain game modes. Furthermore, another feature, Guild Feed is a hub for all guildies to share and view open parties and social news.

There are going to be three hierarchies within the guild, starting from the Leader, which is the guild creator by default; Officers, these are players whom the Leader chose to maintain the guild; Members, the beating heart and the bulk of the guild.

Moreover, Guilds will also feature a GvG mode, in which you play against another Guild. Every battle of GvG lasts for a week and at the end of the week, the Guild with the most supplies wins the battle. GvG will have its own set of rewards.

Patch 2.5 for Wild Rift is coming worldwide on October 14, bringing tons of gameplay changes, several new champions, and Guilds feature.