Elden Ring: Where Is the Boss After Godrick?

Did you beat Godrick? If yes, then prepare to fight against sorcerers!

Story-telling in Elden Ring is quite different from the usual open-world games. You only get to watch specific cut-scenes whenever you fight against a campaign boss, and while the game hints you on the map towards story bosses, some players might still get confused in Elden Ring, especially when it comes to the next boss after defeating Godrick.

If you have just defeated Godrick, and Stormveil Castle is the only campaign location you have visited so far, then you have still more to discover. Margit and Godrick are the only campaign bosses in Stormveil Castle. After that, you should head north towards the Academy of Raya Lucaria located in Liurnia of The Lakes.

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The red ring on the image below showcases the location of the Raya Lucaria academy in Elden Ring, where the boss after Godrick resides. There is only one entrance inside the academy, but the door is sealed by magic. In order to deactivate the blue magic covering the door, you will need to obtain the Glintstone Key.

Image Capture from MapGenie

The blue ring on the image above indicates the location of the Glintstone Key. The key is just behind a dragon. Hopefully, you don’t need to fight the dragon. You can pick up the key and run away.

Once you have the key, head towards the Raya Lucaria academy and use the key on the blue door. This will lead you towards the next campaign bosses.

Keep in mind that all enemies and bosses in the Academy of Raya Lucaria will use magic against you. So, you will need to prepare your gear for countering their spells. Also, Rennala, one of the bosses inside Raya Lucaria is somewhat immune to magic, which means you need to upgrade your character’s build towards melee combat rather than magic.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.