What Is the No Man’s Sky Hyperspace Navigation Station?

I encountered a navigation station and I received a mysterious code. Now what?

Without a doubt, the world of No Man’s Sky offers a lot to explore. For every individual that plays this game, there might be a unique mysterious encounter that is hidden from others. However, there is one specific encounter in the game that has kept a lot of players wondering: The NMS Hyperspace Navigation Station.

Hello Games, the developed behind No Man’s Sky has never shared any specific details about the Hyperspace Navigation Station. However, based on the player encounters, we already have some information on this mysterious station.

The Hyperspace Navigation Station has a chance of appearing at every star system in the game. However, the frequency of its appearance is very low. Most of the players who have encountered the station found it in the Euclid galaxy. Below, you can have a look at the station:

Image shared by Mac Foraday on YouTube

The most interesting part about the HNS is that it tries to communicate with any Starship close to it. If you open your communication line with the station, it will send you an encoded message of 16 hexadecimal digits. In order to understand the message, you have to decrypt it, and this is where our knowledge falls short.

How to Decode the NMS Hyperspace Navigation Station Universal Address

According to a decoding method discovered by data miners, the code that you receive from the HNS represents the Universal Address of the current system. In order to prove the idea, you can take a look at the encrypted codes sent from HNS in different player encounters inside a similar Star System. The codes are exactly the same.

Now, the question what’s the use of these Universal Addresses? Some believe that a part of the Hyperspace Navigation Station Universal Address points toward some specific locations in the game that could contain unique items. On the other hand, there is another theory indicating the codes have been built for galactic travels and were being used during ancient times.

None of the theories above have been proven so far. The Hyperspace Navigation Station is still an unsolved mystery in the world of No Man’s Sky. Maybe the developers finally apply some changes to the station in future updates.

No Man’s Sky is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.