Wacky Wizards Live Event Potions in Roblox, August 2021

Here are all the new potions you need to craft.

Finally, the much anticipated Wacky Wizards Live Event began with new ingredients, and of course, new potions to craft.

First of all, let me assure you that the event will happen once every hour. So, if you weren’t online at the event’s launch, you have not missed it.

What Happened in the Live Event

Now, let’s talk about this incredibly crazy event. Everything started with some massive squeezes on the ground. Soon after that, the volcano was activated and started throwing giant hot beans all over the map, which could damage or kill players.

The wizards then find out that the only way to stop the volcano is to throw themselves inside it. So, they jump into the cannons and shoot themselves inside the volcano. After a few tries, things didn’t change that much. So, this was when KSI appeared on top of the volcano. He sacrificed himself by jumping into the lava, but it just made things even worse.

Soon after KSI’s death, a giant boss came out of the volcano, known as Bean Titan. Players then put all their damaging potions inside cannons to shoot at him and finally kill him. After his death, the new ingredient, Eggcano, have been awarded to the players.

Now, let’s have a look at all the new potions:

Wacky Wizards Live Event Potions (August 2021)

  • 139: Beans + Chilli
  • 140: Eggcano
  • 141: Eggcano + Chameleon + Pool Noodle
  • 142: Eggcano + You
  • 143: Eggcano + Girrafe Hoof
  • 144: Eggcano + Honey
  • 145: Eggcano + Bird
  • 146: Eggcano + Chilli
  • 147: Eggcano + Dynamite
  • 148: Eggcano + Robux
  • 149: Eggcano + Fish
  • 150: Eggcano + Rotten Sandwich
  • 151: Eggcano + Honey + You
  • 152: Eggcano + Pool Noodle
  • 153: Eggcano + Boxing Gloves
  • 154: Pool Noodle + Chemeleon + Honey
  • 155: Chameleon + Eggcano

*The developer has revealed in the Discord channel of the game that some potions might be broken

Premium Potions

  • P71: Eggcano + Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard
  • P72: Mr. Cauldron
  • P73: Mr. Cauldron + Dynamite
  • P74: (Unknown Yet)
  • P75: Eggcano + Hat of Gears
  • P76: Mr. Cauldron + Beans
  • P77: Mr. Cauldron + Eggcano
  • P78: Mr. Cauldron + Giraffe Hoof
  • P79: Mr. Cauldron + Chilli
  • P80: Mr. Cauldron + Bird
  • P81: Mr. Cauldron + Chameleon
  • P82: Mr. Cauldron + Pool Noodle
  • P83: Mr. Cauldron + Giant’s Ear
  • P84: Frozen Egg + Honey
  • P85: Frozen Egg + Eggcano

How to Play Wacky Wizards on PC

It’s simple. Just create an account on Roblox and then visit this page and hit the green play button to download the Roblox files and jump into Wacky Wizards.