Six Mexico Major 2021 Teams Already Love Their Practice Rooms

Image shared by @Thinkingnade on Twitter

Practice rooms barricaded!

While we mostly see the main tournament stage in international esports events, there are actually more interesting things behind the scene. Today, a number of professional players, who will be at Six Mexico Major, shared some tweets from the Practice Rooms in Mexico, which are pretty impressive.

In case you don’t know, in international tournaments where the city hosts different teams from different countries of the world, each team gets a training or practice room. The same goes for Six Mexico Major, where teams have their own practice rooms with a special Rainbow Six Siege design.

As shared by Chala from TSM and Javier from SSG, the entry door of each practice room has been painted in the in-game Barricade style to give special Siege vibes to players. The practice rooms are equipped with six gaming PCs, allowing teams to keep training and try out the final tricks and tactics before the beginning of the matches.

Also, as mentioned by Geometrics from TSM, each player has been given some nice gifts from Ubisoft for participating in Six Mexico Major 2021.

This is probably unfortunate for Pittsburgh Knights who were unable to fly to Mexico due to the COVID-19 related rules in Australia. This is the second international LAN event that an Australian team misses due to COVID-19 regulations. Prior to this, Wild Card Gaming missed Six Invitational 2021.

Six Mexico Major 2021 officially kicks off on August 16 with the group stage matches. 15 teams in four groups will compete against each other and the top two teams will make it to the Playoffs.

The tournament will feature a single Playoffs bracket, which means if a team loses, there would be no second chance.

Also, It’s worth noting that Ubisoft will officially reveal Operation Crystal Guard on the opening day of Six Mexico Major.