Embark Studios Is Looking for Playtesters for Arc Raiders

Help the indie developers to make Arc Raiders a great experience.

Arc Raiders is the debut project from Embark Studios, a team formed up by former EA DICE veterans. Currently, the studio is looking for playtesters to provide feedback on Arc Raiders.

Playtesting and Quality Assurance are important roles in the development of a video game. Although the developers try to do everything right when they create a video game, mistakes are almost inevitable, and finding those mistakes is a time-consuming process that should be done by a different group of developers.

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This is where the Quality Assurance team and Playtesters come in. While the former is a much-organized job that focuses on finding hidden bugs or glitches, the latter is a common role that tries to evaluate the implementation of the developer’s ideas.

Embark Studios, the team behind Arc Raiders, is currently looking for some playtesters and anyone from around the world can sign up to playtest the studio’s upcoming project.

All you need to do is to head over the official webpage of Embark Studios and click on the Sign-Up button for playtesting. Aside from a digital online playtesting opportunity, there will also be a playtesting session at the studio in Sweden for those who live in Stockholm. You don’t need to have any previous playtesting experience to be eligible for signing up for Arc Raider‘s playtest session.

It’s yet to be seen when exactly the playtesting will start, but if you are accepted for the test, you will receive an email a few days before the test begins.

Arc Raiders was officially announced during The Game Awards 2021. As a free-to-play multiplayer experience, players will team with their friends in a co-op environment to slay some mecha-giants descending on earth from space.

There is no official release date for Arc Raiders at the moment, but it will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.