What Is Quantum League? A Mind-Bending Loop-Based Online Shooter

Team up with yourself for an online multiplayer shooter.

To be honest, it’s not that easy to explain the rules of Quantum League in a written content, which makes it tough to answer “What is Quantum League?” but we have tried our best to break down this mind-bending, enjoyable first-person shooter with all the details.

Tired of similar first-person shooters in the market? Well, we have something unique to introduce from a talented team. A strategic first-person shooter where you will clone yourself based on a precise plan to achieve the ultimate goal of the game. Sounds exciting? Let’s jump in.

What is Quantum League?

Have you ever thought about co-operating with another version of yourself in a video game? Quantum League is exactly based on that idea. A time-loop-based shooter where each player deploys a different version of himself in each round, and they all turn into the player’s teammates in the final round. If it’s still vague to you, don’t worry as there are more to explain.

Quantum League is a PvP multiplayer first-person shooter featuring 1v1 and 2v2 modes in special battle arenas, designed especially for Quantum Athletes.

There are six playable characters, known as Quantum Athletes, at launch, but they don’t acquire any specific abilities or skills. Everything depends on the player’s strategy and shooting skills. Currently, the game features two different modes:

Capture the Point:

  • The player who captures a specific point on the map at the end of the third round is the winner of the game. The player who wins three games overall is the winner of the match.


  • The player who kills more opponent clones at the end of the third round is the game-winner. If you win the majority of the games you will win the whole match.

How to Play Quantum League

Having a smart strategy in Quantum League is the key to success. Although the details here might make it seem like a complicated game, once you play it, you will learn all the rules in less than an hour.

Every match in Quantum League features a number of games, and each game features three-loop cycles/rounds. All the things you do in the first loop round get saved and when the second round starts, a clone of you repeats your first-round performance, while you yourself can engage differently in the battle. The third and final round follows the same. Two clones from your first and second rounds start acting your previous performance, while you can change everything by your last round attempt.

Now, how can you have the upper hand in such a mind-bending battle? Imagine that in the first round, your enemy kills you and reaches Flag Point, but as a ghost, you continue to play. Now, you have two options: the first is to continue playing as a ghost and run into the Flag Point. The second is to try to obtain a healing item on the map and revive yourself to eliminate the opponent. Let’s say you didn’t have enough time to obtain a health item and you decided to reach Flag Point as a ghost.

Now, when the second round starts, if you manage to wipe out the opponent’s first-round clone before it eliminates yours, your first-round clone will stay alive and will continue the route that you had taken as a ghost, ending up capturing the Flag Point. However, you should keep an eye out for the enemy’s current version as he could kill both you and your clone in the second round.

The third round starts with three players from each side, including two live players and four clones. The player who captures the Flag Point in the final round wins the game. That said, if no one can capture the point, the game will go to overtime, where each player will play as its clones once again, but without the ability to change weapons.

The instruction above can hopefully help you understand what’s going on in Quantum League.

Quantum League is now available for PC on Steam. It’s hit by a significant discount for a limited time and you can grab it for $4.99. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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