What is Hobo Tough Life? Play As a Homeless Survival in a Luxury City

Experience the dark world of a homeless person.

If you are here now, then a question asking “What is Hobo: Tough Life?” has somehow popped up in your mind, and you are looking for an answer now. Well, we can gladly help!

Have you ever thought about the homeless people living in the suburban areas of your own city? Do You have any idea of what risks these people take to survive? Probably not. We all are too busy working and thinking of our own problems that we barely find time to sympathy with others. But Hobo: Tough Life could hopefully help us to get rid of our routine selfishness.

Simulation games have expanded in the last couple of years and developers try to touch on different jobs and cultures with video games. While some try to add fun and entertaining elements to the simulation like the Surgeon Simulator series, some others focus on delivering the most realistic experience with ultimate details. In this category, Hobo: Tough Life belongs to the latter.

What is Hobo Tough Life?

Hobo Tough Life puts the player in the shoes of a homeless person in the city of Praslav. Playing alone or with friends in co-op mode, you should survive every day from the danger lurking around the city and threatening your life. Every common thing in the city is like a luxury dream for you and your friends.

While people live their best life in Praslav, you should search every corner of the city for food, shelter, and money. The pressure on you to survive from the daily dangers and risks of this city could turn you into a criminal, but it’s on you to choose the patch of your life.

Talk to people in the city, ask for help, but don’t trust every friendly face on the streets. There as many evil personalities in Praslav as the kind ones.

How Gameplay Works in Hobo Tough Life

In a Central-European region during the post-Cold-War era, you have lost everything through the change of regime and economics. Now, there’s a cold and snowy winter ahead and you have no choice but to prepare for your most bleak days of life.

There are a lot of parameters that you should keep an eye out for to avoid trouble. Keep yourself warm to prevent disease, clean your clothes to avoid bad smells, search every corner to find food or things that might come in handy, but be aware that sometimes you rather stay hungry than eating junky, unhealthy food.

Your most important task is to gather as much supply as you can in the final days of Autumn and get ready for a cold winter ahead. You might find yourself stealing, burgling, or dealing illegally, but be aware that the risks for such crimes are heavy and regretful.

The positive side of the story is that you are not alone. There are various homeless factions in Praslav. You can even team up with friends and follow the different quests and storylines with your companions to increase your chance of survival.

Manage to build yourself and your companions warm and sturdy shelters and turn into the king of homeless in Praslav and let the world hear your voice.

Hobo Tough Life is now available as a complete title on Steam.