What Is First Class Trouble and How to Play it With Friends?

First Class Trouble - PC

A new competitor for Among Us arrived.

Answering “What is First Class Trouble?” wouldn’t be that hard if you have already played Among Us.

Last year, tons of players around the world started playing a 2D online multiplayer party game that was originally launched back in 2018. The game soon turned into one of the world’s most popular and trending games and even won the Best Multiplayer Game trophy in The Game Awards 2020. That game was Among Us. A title that most of us probably didn’t know anything about two years earlier.

Now, if you are going to ask what Among Us has to do with First Class Trouble, the answer is simple: First Class Trouble delivers a multiplayer experience similar to Among Us, but with its own rules and distinct features.

First Class Trouble has been around since 2019, but only the invited players to the alpha phase could play it. A few days earlier, the developer officially launched the game in the early access phase on Steam, which allows everyone to play First Class Trouble by purchasing it.

What Is First Class Trouble?

It’s a third-person party game where a number of players connect into a match and try to do their missions based on their roles. There are two groups in each match: Residents and Personoids. At the beginning of the match, no one knows which group you belong to.

If you are a Resident, you should start gathering clues and finding evidence on other players to find out who are your friends and who are not. The ultimate goal of the game for Residents is to shut down the Central Artificial Intelligence Network (CAIN) inside the ship to deactivate all robots. However, the Personoids among you won’t make it happen easily.

Playing as a Personoid, your mission is to either kill all the Residents inside the ship or reach the CAIN system and unleash its power. For nailing either of the goals, you should deceive Residents, prepare accidental scenarios to kill them, and leave no trace after your sabotages.

As per developers, there are some interesting scenarios to kill the Residents, such as poor wiring, unstable chandeliers, and other environmental hazards.

What Is the Difference Between Among Us and First Class Trouble?

While the core gameplay and rules are the same in both titles, there are some significant differences that make First Class Trouble a distinct experience compared to Among Us.

The most obvious difference is the fact that First Class Trouble is 3D and third-person experience with moderately realistic graphics.

Other than that, First Class Trouble features various in-game activities and hobbies that you can do with your friends. Also, the missions and killing scenarios are widely different from Among Us, thanks to an expansive map with dozens of rooms and sections.

First Class Trouble also features proximity-based voice chat that allows other players to hear your voice when you are close enough.

First Class Trouble is only available on PC and the developer has not revealed any plans for other platforms. The game is supposed to receive two big patches in April and June this year, which adds some new features like Perks, new items, and themed events to the game.

Now that your question is answered, you can head to Steam or Twitch and check out the game’s online streams for more details.

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