The Steam Halloween Sale 2021 Has Arrived: Here Are the Best Deals to Snatch

Steam Halloween Sale 2021
Welcome the Halloween Season with tons of discounted games!

Valve has just released the Halloween Sale 2021 last night, and it provides some sweet-looking deals that are hard to pass up. Whether you’re looking for fresh horror games, or simply a chill and new game to get you through the holiday, Steam Halloween Sale has it all.

Steam Halloween Sale 2021 Details

The sale kicked off yesterday and will end on November 1st. It’s relatively in a short duration but is consistent with previous Halloween Sale dates.

What’s interesting is that Steam finally confirms a Sale dates ahead of its time, alongside two more sales to come. This is a new behavior from Steam since they have never given out sales dates before. You can view the current Steam Halloween Sale date and the upcoming events here.

We will highlight some of the hottest games that are available on sale and why you should grab them during the Steam Halloween Sale.

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Best Games to Grab During Steam Halloween Sale 2021

Many incredible games are available at a discounted price. And to help you decide on what games to purchase, we will list 5 games that you should grab during the sale.

1. Days Gone

Originally a PS4 exclusive, Sony brought the game to PC on May 18, 2021. The setting of the game revolves around zombies and surviving wilderness, fitting the Halloween theme that is currently ongoing. For Steam Halloween Sale, the price sees a reduction from $49.99 down to $33.49.

2. Phasmophobia

With the recent Halloween update for the game, it is a perfect game for you to try out. The game highlights ghost investigations and horror nuance. It is worth a pick-up during the sale. The current price is $11.89, reduced from the usual $13.99 price.

3. Resident Evil Village

Continuing the story of Ethan Winters from Resident Evil: Biohazard, this game is a great mix of action and horror. For this sale event, the price sees a substantial 25% discount, now at $59.99.

4. Control Ultimate Edition

Taking control of Jesse Faden, players must combat an extradimensional threat within FBC. Experience the game with a whopping 60% discount. The price is currently set at $15.99.

5. The Forest

Although it’s a rather old game by this point, it’s still incredibly alive thanks to the brilliant aspects of the game, such as randomized item locations and cannibal encounters. The Forest is available at a $7.99 price tag, having a 60% discount set for this sale event.

And there you have it. We believe these games can accompany your Halloween with joy and a little bit of horror. The Steam Halloween Sale runs through from October 28 to November 1.