The Riftbreaker Availability on Xbox Game Pass, Will It Be There?

The Riftbreaker is an upcoming base-building mixed with survival and action-themed RPG game

The Riftbreaker is an upcoming title from EXOR Studios that is planned to release on October 14th. With the news, fans are now speculating about the game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass.

What Exactly Is The Riftbreaker?

Before we dive into the Game Pass news, we will provide some background to what’s the game is all about. The game is a mix between base-building, survival, and action-RPG, and will feature numerous gameplay aspects like resource gathering and base defense, to name a few.

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Features We Can Expect When Playing The Game

For the campaign mode, we will take control of Captain Ashley Nowak, a member of the elite Riftbreaker formation. She utilizes an armored mecha-suit to assists her in completing the task to make the planet ready for human colonization.

Players are going to need to gather resources to initiate the base-building, with missions scattered across the biomes on the planet that are crucial for completing our task for humanity. These include scouting, scanning, and researching materials we need.

However, players need to be vigilant of the natural inhabitants of Galatea 37, as they will continue attacking your base from time to time, growing stronger each encounter.

The Riftbreaker On Xbox Game Pass

Now, you must be asking: Will The Riftbreaker be available for Xbox Game Pass? Well, the good news is that The Riftbreaker will be available for Game Pass on Day One. Paweł Lekki, EXOR Studios’ Producer and Designer confirms this by stating “We can’t wait to let you play the full version of The Riftbreaker with Xbox Game Pass on Day One for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs”.

Game Pass holders can catch a breath of fresh air with this news, and they can start playing the game as soon as it releases worldwide.

The Riftbreaker is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, PS5, and Cloud Gaming on October 14. The game will also be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch.