Which Operator Should Receive the New R6 Siege Elite Skin?

New R6 Siege Elite Skin

Tachanka Elite Skin - Rainbow Six Siege

Who deserves the most to get the next elite skin in R6 Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege was originally launched back in 2015 and since then, the developers have released various elite skins for the existing operators, but even after six years, some operators still don’t have any elites. Now, the question is who should get the new R6 Siege elite skin after the recently announced Zofia Jill Valentine skin?

To be honest, Ubisoft Montreal doesn’t seem to have any specific theory around launching elite skins for the operators. While some operators have two elite outfits, there are a number of original Rainbow Six Siege operators that have even received one yet. Simply put, this is unacceptable and that’s what we have created a list of operators based on how much they deserve to receive an elite outfit.

Who Deserves the Most to Get the New R6 Siege Elite Skin?

There are a lot of operators that don’t have elites and it’s really tough to say which one should receive an elite first, especially when you take their popularity into account. That said, we have tried to choose logically with specific reasons. Here’s our list:

1. Vigil

According to the latest Designer’s Notes from Year 6 Season 1, Vigil is one of the balanced operators in the game with an over 20% Presence and almost zero Win Delta. Aside from his incredible statistics, we all know how important Vigil is for roamers in competitive matches.

Despite his long-time presence in the game and approximately good pick-rate, he has not received any elite skins yet, while his friend operator, Dokkaebi, got her first elite outfit recently. There’s no doubt in Vigil’s defending power for regular Rainbow Six Siege players and he should’ve received his elite set by now, but there’s still time for Ubisoft to deliver a masterpiece outfit for Siege’s brilliant roamer.

2. Castle

I know that Castle is an under-picked operator with a negative Win Delta. Also, I know that both his Armor Panel and loadout are not much of help in competitive matches, but all aside, he is an original operator and he deserves to get at least on elite skin.

Castle is one of the underperforming operators that left on his current state for so long. Even Mozzie’s Super Shorty could help him anymore. Probably, an elite skin accompanied by an operator rework would be a great bundle for Castle.

3. Montagne

Similar to Castle, he is another original operator that has not received an elite set yet. The latest statistics show that although Montagne is an under-picked operator, he has been completely effective when involved in a match. Montagne is a kind of operator that needs complete teammate support and a precise plan to show off its incredible potential.

What makes Montagne stand one step behind Castle in this list is the fact that the French shield holder has been featured in the latest Rainbow Is Magic event with a cool new outfit that is comparable to an elite on its own.

4. Maestro

Since the time Maestro joined the Rainbow Six Siege roster, he has played a big role in competitive matches thanks to his Evil Eye gadget and powerful loadout. Although Maestro is under-picked based on the latest data, he has been a balanced operator when it comes to effectiveness.

Probably one of the most useful 1-speed operators among the many available in the game that can make anything possible with his Evil Eyes.

5. Nokk

The only reason why Nokk is on the list the fact that all the Rainbow Six Siege community is so desperate to see the face under her current headgear.

Despite her fantastic ability, Nokk is a totally under-picked operator due to her weak loadout. She is using the same submachine gun that Smoke uses as a defender, which puts Nokk in a weak position compared to many of the other attackers.

That said, the community might become friendly to her if Ubisoft delivers an elite skin without headgear for Nokk.

6. Mozzie

Similar to Maestro, Mozzie is another defending operator that turns into the main defensive force for most of the R6 Siege players once joined the club. The Australian operators might loadout and PEST Launcher turned him into an all-time favorite for many of the Siege fans.

Despite the fact that he has received some fun outfits so far in various timelines, his locker still lacks an elite set. I bet there are a lot of customers out there for the elite skin of an over-picked defender like Mozzie.

7. Nomad

As the last name in this list, Nomad is an incredible counter against the roamers, thanks to her Airjab explosives. Aside from her useful gadget, she also owns a magnificent loadout with deadly primary weapons and a precise secondary handgun.

It’s yet to be seen when she will finally receive her elite set from Ubisoft, but it’s better to be done soon as there are a lot of fans looking for a fancy outfit for Nomad.

Now, you tell us who do you think deserves the most to receive the new R6 Siege elite skin that will be dropped sooner or later in Year 6.

The game is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can also play it through Xbox Game Pass.