Syberia The World Before Release Time and Date

A New Adventure Coming Soon

Studio Microids is about to release the 4th installment in their long-running series Syberia. Play as Kate Walker and Dana Roze as they go on new adventures and uncover old mysteries. Not sure what time it comes out in your region? Here we’ll also provide all the information for Syberia: The World Before release time and date.

What Time Does Syberia: The World Before Release?

To make sure you’re playing Syberia right away, it’s important to know the exact date and time it comes out on all platforms. According to the official Steam web page here is the official Syberia: The World Before release time and date:

  • March 18th 2022 - Europe - 6 PM CES
  • March 18th 2022 - North America - 10 AM PST/1 PM EST
  • March 19th 2022 - Australia - 4 AM AEDT

What Editions Are Available At Launch?

For those of you looking to get the most content out of your Syberia experience be sure to check out these purchase bundles available on release.

Syberia Pre-Order Bundle - $39.99

  •  Receive an exclusive digital artbook for free.

Syberia The World Before Deluxe Edition - $49.48

  • The soundtrack of the game
  • A brief version of the Syberia: The World Before Prologue script written by Benoît Sokal and Lucas Lagravette
  • The Game Fan Kit : includes 3 wallpapers, 3 avatars and 3 original storyboards

While Microids has not been successful with their recent titles, fans hope that they could bring a satisfying experience with the brand new Syberia journey.

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A few months prior to release, the developers launched a brief prologue for Syberia The World Before, which received significantly positive reviews from players on Steam. Unfortunately, the prologue demo is no longer available as the game itself will be coming out very soon!

Syberia: The World Before will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 18th, 2022