Solar Ash Release Time and Price on PS5 and PC

A Voidrunner's saga!

If there was no delay, we had probably finished Solar Ash by now, but anyway, a delay is always a brave decision made by brave developers who value the quality of their titles. Solar Ash is only one day away from us now, so let’s check out the exact release time for this anticipated indie game.

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Developed by the creators of Hyper Light Drifter, the award-winning top-down action-adventure title that launched back in 2016, Solar Ash is the second project from Heart Machine and will soon be available for PC and PlayStation players all around the world.

When Is the Solar Ash Release Time?

Solar Ash is slated to launch on December 2 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET/5 pm UTC/7 pm CEST on PC, PS4, and PS5. While the game is already available for pre-order on PC through Epic Games Store with a 10% discount, the PlayStation players will need to wait until launch to be able to purchase the game.

How Much Is the Solar Ash Price?

As listed on Epic Games Store, Solar Ash will be available for $19.99 for PC. While the PS4 and PS5 versions have not been revealed yet, they are expected to launch at the same price, though sometimes PC versions of indie games come out at a lower cost than the console versions.

What Is Solar Ash About?

Solar Ash is a 3D third-person adventure game with unique and creative platforming elements as well as some action-oriented mechanics that follows the story of a Voidrunner called Rei. She is one of the few survivors from her home planet, and probably the only one that tries to save it from a hostile eternity-seeking presence at any cost.