Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Operator is Osa, Full Reveal on August 16

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Operator
It seems like Mira is finally getting a counter operator on the Attacker's side.

As promised, Ubisoft shared a brief teaser today to officially reveal the name and appearance of the new operator In Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3. Operation Crystal Guard welcomes an attacker from Croatia with a protective gadget.

While the full reveal of Osa, the new operator, and the introduction to the new season will be showcased on August 16, you now know what to expect from the new attacker with this brief teaser below.

As shown above, Osa uses a protective shield made of glass, that provides a clear vision for her, while protecting her from the opponent’s fire. This is most like an enhanced deployable shield that Attackers could probably use as a cover against Defenders.

It’s yet to be seen how and where Osa could deploy this shield, but this is probably a long-awaited gadget for Attackers to defend themselves when they take over a bomb site.

Of course, we have a lot of burning questions right now about Osa and her protective gadget, but unfortunately, there is no clear answer until the full reveal of the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.

Aside from the new operator, Ubisoft Montreal is going to apply some slight changes to Club House, Coastline, and Bank maps in the new season, instead of a total rework of a map.

With every new season, the team tries to improve gameplay and add more new systems to help the competitive aspects of Rainbow Six Siege. With Year 6 Season 2, the developers finally blocked bullet-holes on soft walls and added a death indicator for dead operators.

Similar changes are expected to go live with this new season as well. Previously, during the latest AMA session on Reddit, the developers talked about some new features and modes, that could get a beta launch on the test servers.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and Luna.