Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Update Is Now Available - Patch Notes

You can now report those who leave a Ranked/Unranked match.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 update is available now across all platforms. The new update brings important changes to the game, including a buff for Alibi’s ACS12, an increased recoil for Zofia’s M762, and more destruction power for Tachanka’s DP-27.

Most of these changes have been already revealed at Ubisoft’s latest Designer’s Note for the game. As of now, you can expect to see Favela as one of your options in the Map Ban phase. To be honest, I think the addition of Favela will only raise the pick rate of maps like Kanal and Theme Park in the high-tier matches.

Although the reworked version of Favela is a better map, it still needs more balance to be a popular map in the Ranked or Unranked modes. So, in a scenario where teams have Skyscraper, Favela, and Kanal as their options, they will likely ban the first two maps to play in Kanal. And we know that normally players don’t play in Kanal if they have access to Consulate, Club House, Coastline, or Kafe.

Another new addition to Ranked and Unranked matches is the ability to report players who leave the match after the first round. Although this could help to identify toxic players sooner, it’s not a completely fair method. Sometimes players might lose connection unintentionally, and reconnect to the match soon after. In such cases, it wouldn’t be fair to get reported by other teammates.

Moving to the balancing changes, Ubisoft has added a 1.5x scope for Alibi’s MX4. Also, the developer replaced ACS12’s 1.5x scope with 2.0x to further buff the Italian operator.

Tachanka is the other defensive operator that received a buff. The Russian gunman traded his Proximity Alarm for a Deployable Shield, improved the destruction power of his DP-27, and added four more grenades for his Shumikha.

Heading to the Attacker side, Zofia received a weapon nerf for her M762 that increases its vertical recoil and shifts the horizontal spread into the left.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Update - Patch Notes

Below, you can take a look at the patch notes of the new update, including all the bug fixes for operators and gameplay:

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and Luna.