Rainbow Six Siege Will Receive New Maps After Reworks Are Done

Ubisoft Montreal is planning to launch new maps for Siege in the future.

During the recent AMA session on Reddit, the developers behind Rainbow Six Siege answered many burning questions of fans and revealed more about the future of the game, including when we can expect the Rainbow Six Siege new maps.

One of the most interesting revelations was the fact that Rainbow Six Siege will finally receive brand new maps in the future when the team is done with reworking and improving the existing maps.

Since the beginning of Year 5, Ubisoft Montreal has started a scheduled roadmap to rework maps and make them more in line with what the community asks for. Up until today, the team has fully reworked Oregon, Chalet, House, Border, and Favela.

The reworks will be continued during the next season with small improvements on Clubhouse, Bank, and Coastline. The final season of Year 6 will deliver the reworked version of Outback, which is the latest map in Rainbow Six Siege that was originally added to the game in Operation Burnt Horizon back in 2019.

Honestly, most of the post-launch maps in Siege - except for a few like Villa or Coastline - clearly failed to bring a balanced experience for both Attackers and Defenders. That’s why the Ranked mode is still mostly dominated by the game’s launch maps.

Skyscraper, Tower, Outback, Fortress, Favela, and Yacht are some of the post-launch maps in Siege that could never reach enough popularity and failed to deliver a balanced competitive experience.

Aside from maps, the developers talked about various plans for the future of the game. They confirmed that there wouldn’t be a Siege 2 anytime soon and they still try to reach a total of 100 operators in the game.

The developers revealed that they still try to figure out a better approach for post-death gameplay, and they would like to deploy another playtest for the feature earlier in Year 7.

In the end, Ubisoft Montreal ensured fans that they are still trying hard to ban cheaters and Renown farmers from the game, but it might need more time to craft algorithms that could eliminate hackers from the game without hurting innocent players.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.