Rainbow Six Siege Renown Farm Bots Are Ruining the Game

Have you encountered a teammate who only moves back and forth in the entire match?

The number of players in Rainbow Six Siege that use Renown farm bots is growing, and this is not good. Ubisoft needs to stop it before everything gets out of control. Exploiting Siege’s simple rules of player-inactivity, Renown farm bots are now immune to every penalty in the game.

While hackers try to add an illegal ability for themselves in a match, be it better aiming or wall hacking, Renown farmers actually do nothing wrong or illegal in the game. They don’t violate any major rule in Siege. They just don’t play. The video below has been shared on Reddit and it clearly shows the bot’s users are growing.

Anyone else get this bot? Just couches up and down 24/7. We lost a round thanks to this. from Rainbow6

In a Rainbow Six Siege match, if a player does nothing in 30 seconds, he will be kicked out of the server automatically as a penalty of inactivity. Now, what Renown farmers do is easily bypassing the rule. When a match starts, a Renown farm bot makes the player move continuously back and forth in a small area, or crouch and then stand up instantly, to avoid the inactivity penalty.

As you would guess, it’s too easy for players to recognize a Renown farmer, but that won’t do much for them. Now that players cannot kick a teammate by voting, Renown farmers are completely immune to every possible penalty. And if they drive you crazy, you might attempt a team-kill, which hurts yourself the most.

How Ubisoft Can Stop Renown Farmers

Blocking Renown farmers from Rainbow Six Siege requires an essential change in one of the many systems in the game. Hopefully, there are a bunch of ways that Ubisoft can try out to get rid of the Renown farmers, and we will go over some in the next few paragraphs.

Improve the Player-Inactivity Rules

Prior to everything else, it’s the player-inactivity rules that fail to kick out a farmer. So, the best way to stop the bots is to improve and expand the inactivity rules against farmers. This one might need some heavy changes, but it could definitely get us rid of Renown farmers forever.

Change the Renown Rewarding System

Currently, regardless of how good or bad you perform in a match, you will get an equal share of Renown at the end. If Ubisoft makes match performance a major factor for Renown rewarding, this could lower the Renown earned by a farmer significantly. Farmers do nothing and they always record a poor match performance with the lowest XP points.

‌Bring Back Vote Kick With Certain Limits

Vote Kick in Rainbow Six Siege was an abusive tool for toxic players and I’m really happy that Ubisoft removed it from the game. However, the lack of Vote Kick is now causing new problems. So, Ubisoft might be able to bring the feature back with some restrictions.

For example, If a player earns no points other than the team points in the first round of a match, the game enables an option for Vote Kick against that player. Although this might still be used as an abusive tool, it could significantly block the Rainbow Six Siege Renown farm bots with the help of the community itself.

Add a Special Report Option for Bots

In order to track down farmers easier, Ubisoft can add a new report option in the game for Renown farmers temporarily. This could lead to banning many farmers and avoid other players from using farm bots.

One way or another, Ubisoft needs to react quickly to the Renown farmers before they ruin more Ranked matches in Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.