Rainbow Six Siege Outback Rework Destruction in Y6S4

No wall, no floors!

Map destruction is a well-known trick in Rainbow Six Siege for passionate players to discover the tricky angles for eliminating enemies from unexpected locations on the map. So, we have prepared a brief video of the Rainbow Six Siege Outback Rework destruction with no floors and walls to let you know of all possible angles on the map.

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Despite getting some significant buffs, Outback still has a lot of destructible walls and floors even in the reworked version, which makes it stand shoulder to shoulder with Border in the amount of possible vertical angles.

Rainbow Six Siege Outback Rework Destruction

In the reworked version of Outback in the season of High Calibre, the garage has been divided into two sections using a wall with two entrances. Also, the Laundry Room on the second floor has been attached to the Bathroom and Dorms, shifting the corridor to the northern side of the map, where a new window and balcony have been added.

Overall, the entry points to the map have been improved in the reworked version, which allows more flexibility for Attackers. The map now features two additional destructible walls on the outer side of the second floor in addition to the previous garage wall on the first floor.

The vertical angles have also been increased in the reworked version. Party Hall on the second floor now features a fully destructible floor. Also both bedrooms in the first floor feature fully destructible ceilings which probably makes it harder than ever to hold this bombsite successfully.

The Kitchen and Restaurant are almost the same on the first floor, though the bartender window of the kitchen has been fully blocked to provide safer movements for Attackers in the restaurant area.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.