Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star Patch Notes - Available Now

You can now play as Thunderbird on main servers.

Today, Ubisoft officially released the new season of Rainbow Six Siege on main servers in a relatively small update. Operation North Star is now live on PC, and it will be available on Xbox and PS4 consoles until 12 pm ET today. Now, let’s have a look at R6 North Star patch notes.

Thunderbird is the new defender joining the Siege roster in Year 6 Season 2. As a 3-speed operator, Thunderbird’s primary gadget is a healing device that will boost your health once you enter its covered area, no matter you are a defender or an attacker.

Next up, we have the reworked version of Favela. The map has always been blamed for its insecure interior areas for defenders due to a large number of destructible surfaces, but it looks different now. First and foremost, the developers have reduced the number of breachable surfaces on the map. Besides, the new Favela missions will take place at night. This might be the first step to bring back the night mode with proper fixes to avoid spawn kills.

More than everything, Operation North star has brought balancing changes to the operators and some gameplay mechanics. You can now destroy Melusi’s Banshi by shooting at it, but you need to enter its covered area first. Smoke’s gas grenades will no longer leak through walls and other surfaces. A new shatter effect has been applied to Mira’s Black Mirror, Maestro’s Evil Eye, and Bulletproof Cameras that will block the vision of gadgets when an attacker hits it with a melee attack.

This season will also bring cross-play and cross-progression for PC, Luna, and Stadia platforms on June 30 this year. The consoles will receive the same update in early 2022.

More about the Year 6 Season 2 changes will be shared in the upcoming Designer’s Note. For now, you can have a look at all fixed bugs in the R6 Siege North Star patch notes.

Operation North Star Patch Notes (Bug Fixes)

The North Star update weighs around 4 GB on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Steam. The Xbox Series X|S update size is around 5 GB and the Uplay version is nearly 6 GB.

The season is now live on PC. Xbox servers will go live at 11 pm ET, while PlayStation servers will be available at 12 pm ET today.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game is also available through the Xbox Game Pass subscription.