Rainbow Six Siege NAL 2022 Stage 2: Ranking Table, Schedule, Winners

Rainbow Six Siege NAL 2022 Stage 2
Seven teams have the chance to qualify for Six Major Berlin, but only three tickets are left.

Rainbow Six Siege NAL 2022 Stage 2 Playday 9 is finally over, and we now know the teams that will take a trip to Berlin for the next Six Major tournament.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for many of the teams in the North American League in Stage 2. Except for Oxygen Esports, who already booked a ticket to Six Major Berlin a week prior to the end of Stage 2, seven teams still had to fight for three remaining tickets to Berlin.

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Aside from Mirage and Beascoast, who didn’t have a chance of finishing Stage 2 in the top 4, the other teams had to get strong wins in their matches as only two points divided the second and eighth spots on the table.

The first team to lose its chance of qualifying was TSM. The SI 2022 winners lost against Beastcoast with shallow performance, which put them in a tight spot to qualify for SI 2023 through the worldwide ranking table.

In the next match of the week, Parabellum couldn’t avoid a defeat against Soniqs, which directly qualified the blue team for Six Major Berlin.

DarkZero, XSET, and Astralis were the other winners of last night, but at the end of the day, the two remaining Berlin tickets earned by Astralis and XSET, as DarkZero Esports will remain out of the next Six Major by finishing in fifth place of the table.

Below, you can check out the results of the final playday as well as the ranking table at the end of Rainbow Six Siege NAL 2022 Stage 2:

NAL Stage 2 - Playday 9

North American League - Stage 2

The four teams that qualified for Six Major Berlin have also earned significant points in the worldwide ranking, which will help them a lot to qualify for Six Invitational 2023. However, the performance of teams in the next Six Major is another factor for participating in the next SI.

Six Major Berlin will officially kick off on August 15 this year. Thus far, we only know the qualified teams from North America as the leagues in other regions are still in progress.