Rainbow Six Extraction Pre-E3 Trailer Warns You of Orpheus Threat

Unite against one big threat!

The Rainbow Six Extraction new trailer teases the origin of the main threat for Siege operators in the upcoming co-op experience, probably known as Orpheus.

Rainbow Six Siege has been the flagship entry of the franchise for over half a decade, but soon enough, a brand new co-op experience will be available in the same universe.

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Today, Ubisoft officially announced that Rainbow Six Extraction is the official name for the Quarantine project. Unlike Siege that offers a tactical PvP experience, the vision behind Extraction is to unite the Siege operators against one big threat of the human being.

Rainbow Six Extraction Cinematic and Dev Team Trailers

The new cinematic trailer from Rainbow Six Quarantine shows off a cutting-edge laboratory, securing a strange entity that is probably called Orpheus. However, as the trailer reveals, a sticky black substance grows over everything inside the lab, leading to the appearance of aggressive alien-like arms that head towards Orpheus.

Based on the trailer’s name, it seems the sticky substance is called Sprawl.

Hopefully, more details will be shared about the game’s lore, operators, and gameplay in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event that goes live on June 12 at 2 pm ET/8 pm GMT.

It’s yet to be seen how many Siege operators will make an appearance in Extraction, but the presence of Sledge, Vigil, Ela, Alibi, Lion, and Tachanka have been confirmed so far based on official trailers and leaked screenshots from an alpha build. As per leaks, the Rainbow Six Extraction Orpheus entity could lead to the rise of black, scary creatures - similar to the molded creatures in Resident Evil 7- that would hunt down players.

Currently, Resident Evil Extraction doesn’t have any specific release window. The game was originally supposed to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions will be likely confirmed during the full reveal.