Phasmophobia VR Overhaul Update Is Here With Major Update v.

The long awaited VR Update is here!
The long awaited VR Overhaul is here!

Kinetic Games has just released a Phasmophobia VR Overhaul Update with its v. title update, bringing a fresh VR experience to the players.

What’s Inside the Major Update?

The highlight of Phasmophobia’s latest title update is none other than the VR update, with an entirely new system designed for a better VR system, smoother inputs, and bug fixes.

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Of course, there are more changes in store for the players, such as hiding spots tuning, voice options, and other small changes.

Deep Dive Into Phasmophobia VR Overhaul Update

Kinetic Games employs Open XR for Phasmophobia’s VR system, giving it huge boosts on performance and smoother inputs for players.

Not only that, VR players now will feel a much better experience while playing Phasmophobia, with updates to walking animations and cursor for picking items.

But wait, there’s more! Players now can access ‘VR Seated Mode’ and ‘Left-Handed Mode’ within the options to calibrate their VR settings.

Overall, this update will appease VR players out there to start playing Phasmophobia.

Other Changes That Are Coming With This Update

Aside from the VR Overhaul update, Major Update v0.6.0.0 brings a ton of balance changes to the game for a more streamlined experience.

One aspect that is getting some balance changes is the hiding spots. Now, they are in sync with their respective difficulties, giving a more dynamic atmosphere. Here are the details for that:

  • Amateur = All hiding spots
  • Intermediate = 3+ hiding spots
  • Professional = 2+ hiding spots
  • Nightmare = 1+ hiding spot(s)

Furthermore, the Sound Sensor is getting a slight makeover and an upgrade in its functionality, such as a covering area increase and more accurate information for the van’s monitor.

For full details of Phasmophobia’s Major Update v., you can view the patch notes here.