Phasmophobia Halloween Update: A Great yet Terrifying Treat

Spooky updates are coming to Phasmophobia. Are you ready to face them?

Phasmophobia has just received a brand new update to celebrate Halloween, and the changes it brought will shake the game. This is a major update coming to Phasmophobia, where the implementation of new things coupled with brilliant changes will keep the game fresh.

What’s New in Phasmophobia Halloween Update

Update v0.40 brings numerous quality of life changes while adding a bunch of new things for players to tackle. From fingerprints change, ghosts speed buff, restrictions on hiding places for certain difficulties, to the addition of 4 new ghosts that are ready to challenge the players, this update is an awesome treat through and through.

However, the spotlights from this update come from the Nightmare difficulty, a brand new difficulty with tons of exciting challenges, and the new map, Maple Lodge Campsite which offers an outdoor environment.

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What to Expect from Phasmophobia Halloween Update

Lots of the player base want to jump into the action immediately. While it’s understandable, there is no shame from knowing your enemies beforehand. Below are the big changes that are coming to the game, so that you can plan before starting your ghost-hunting business.

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Maple Lodge Campsite

The brand new map that accompanies this update. It largely features an outdoor environment, bringing a fresh location for ghost-hunting. However, the map still features some indoor types of buildings, as there are tents that act as small rooms, bathrooms, and a three-story main building.

Nightmare Difficulty

Kinetic Games introduces a new difficulty, Nightmare, to the game. It is a challenge for the best of the best, with scary restrictions and improved ghosts. This difficulty lives up to its name, as the players/investigators are limited regarding several mechanics. Here is the shortlist on how Nightmare plays out:

  • Nightmare disables two of your van monitoring items (Sanity Monitor and Activity Monitor). This means that the players can’t rely on them for sanity monitoring and EMF activity, forcing the players to trust their intuition.
  • Nightmare obstructs most if not all hiding places on the map, meaning that the players must be creative on their hiding spots now.
  • Ghosts in this difficulty will hide 1 of their 3 evidences. While this is a crucial part of the game, narrowing down the Ghost type will be less predictable than before.
  • Ghost Kills during a Hunt will extend that Hunt’s duration. For other difficulties, Hunts will end when the Ghost earns a kill, but that doesn’t apply to Nightmare. Instead, kills during a Hunt will extend its duration, making it an extremely dangerous position to be in.

New Ghost Types

It’s not a major Phasmophobia update without the addition of new ghost types. With Update v0.40, there are 4 new ghosts ready to greet the players.

  • Onryo, often referred as The Wrathful Spirit, now enters Phasmophobia. This ghost is afraid of any form of flame, however, if it’s deliberately extinguished, the ghost may initiate an attack.
  • The Twins, these ghosts can confuse players as they can interact with the environment at the same time, though this is also their weakness. Either Twin can be angered and will initiate an attack towards their prey.
  • Raiju, this ghost can gain power from nearby electronical equipments, making it both faster and easier to track while attacking.
  • Obake, a unique ghost where it rarely leave a trace. It can shapeshifts, however, this power will leave behind a unique evidence.

General and Quality of Life Changes

Phasmophobia Halloween Update also brought new general and quality of life changes to further improve the game. Below are some changes that players can expect from now on:

  • Global Radio will attract the Ghost during a Hunt. Before, it is safe to check on Global Radio once a while during Hunting phase. Now, the Ghost will move toward your location if you do so, making it a dangerous move.
  • All ghost’s base speed and acceleration when chasing a player has been slightly increased. This means that running away may not be the safest route to escape a Hunt.
  • Fingerprints will decay 60 seconds after they appear.

And those are some major changes coming to Phasmophobia, with plenty of other changes like the revamped Ouija Board, the revamped Map Screen, and more that you can read here.

Phasmophobia is available to play on PC through Steam that has varying costs, which you can view on SteamDB.