Pet Simulator X Codes List for October 2021

Who wants free gems?

So, if you think reaching the next island in Pet Simulator X would take you weeks, then it might be better to keep an eye out on codes and redeem them in time for limited-time boosts or free gems.

Pet Simulator X Codes (Last Update: October 26)

  • bandsundrbidn - Get 30K free Diamonds (NEW)
  • pumpkin333 - Get 20K free Diamonds
  • sorry4thewait - Get 1x Triple Coins boosters
  • VoiceChat - Get 2x Triple Coins boosters
  • triple800 - Get 1x Triple Coins boosters
  • easyboosts - Get 1x Triple Coins boosters
  • steampunkpets - Get 3x Triple Coins boosters
  • 700kDiamonds - Get 25,000 Diamonds
  • morecoins4u - Get 2x Triple Coins boosters
  • anothertriple - Get 2x Triple Coins boosters
  • TripleCoins999 - Get a Triple Coins booster

*The next code will be out when the game hits 900K likes on Roblox.

How to Redeem a Code in Pet Simulator X

When you are in the game, click on the Pet icon at the bottom of the screen to expand the menu options. Now, click on the Star icon to open a new window. Scroll all the way down and click on “Redeem Twitter Codes.” Now, paste your code inside the text box and redeem it to receive your rewards.

What Is Pet Simulator X About?

In Pet Simulator X, your pets work as miners for you. You start the game with a low-rated pet and then start mining gold and gems. Once you have enough gold, you can either open eggs for new high-rated pets or unlock a new area with more valuable coins and chests for grinding.

Some new areas contain new upgrade stations as well, where you can combine your pets for a new, high-tier one or improve your own abilities to boost the mining speed. You can even trade pets with other players.

What Was the Latest Update for Pet Simulator X?

The Halloween Event update is the latest content that the developers behind Pet Simulator X released for the game on October 23, 2021. Below, you can have a look at what this update brought to the game:

  • Candy has been added as a limited time currency!
  • 13 new pets
  • Limited-time Halloween eggs

Pet Simulator X has been developed by Big Games and is now available on Roblox for free.