One Blox Man Codes in September 2021 for Free Rewards

Who wants some free Yen?

If the next step in strengthening your One Blox Man fighter seems too far away, make sure you have redeemed all the active codes so far for free in-game cash. You can spend Yen in various ways in the game, such as purchasing limited-time boosters for training.

Check out the latest codes down below:

One Blox Man Codes (Last Update: August 30)

  • 2XYEN - Get 2x Yen booster
  • heroboost - Get 250 Yen
  • scotty - Get 350 Yen
  • flyes - Get 350 Yen
  • chen - Get 250 Yen

*Once the game reaches 10K likes on Roblox, it will receive a new code.

How to Redeem a Code in One Blox Man

When you are in the game, click on the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen. Now paste your code inside the text box and redeem it for rewards.

What Makes One Blox Man Unique

One Blox Man is all about close-quarter and melee combat. Each player has three primary skills that can be improved by training to an unlimited level. However, earning in-game cash will require you to fight with the thugs in the city. You can spend your money on skill boosters or cosmetics.

Aside from its open-world nature, One Blox Man features a series of quests as well, completing which reward players with in-game items or consumables.

What Was the Latest Content Drop for One Blox Man?

One Blox Man is a relatively new game on Roblox. It has only received one update so far that went live by the end of August 2021. Below, you can take a look at the Update 1 features:

  • New Additions:
    • CITY B
    • BOSS B
    • AURAS
    • QUESTS
    • NPCS
      • BADGES

One Blox Man is available for free on PC and Mobile through Roblox.