Lost Judgement and Its Prequel Might Never Launch on PC

A strict contract between SEGA and a talent agency in Japan prevents the publisher from launching Lost Judgement on PC.

A legal issue between SEGA and the talent agency behind the voice actor of the main protagonist in Lost Judgement will probably prevent the whole series from getting a launch on PC via the usual platforms like Steam or Epic Games Store.

As revealed by a Japanese source, before announcing any new platform for the Judgement series, including Lost Judgement, SEGA has to negotiate the matter with a Japanese talent agency called Johnny’s. Takuya Kimura, the voice actor behind Takayuki Yagami, works for Johnny’s agency, and reportedly, it’s a very sensitive firm with strict rules that don’t allow its employees to represent on any other platforms other than the ones mentioned in a contract.

While Lost Judgement was supposed to be launched on Steam as well, the dispute from Johnny’s forced SEGA to negotiate the matter with the talent agency, but accordingly, they were unable to reach an agreement, which means not only Lost Judgement won’t be available on PC, but the whole series might not receive any further sequels in the future.

As the source suggests, the likelihood of an agreement between SEGA and Johnny’s is at a very low level at the moment. This means SEGA either needs to terminate its contract with Takuya Kimura for Yagami’s role and hire a new voice actor or stick to the contract and ignore PC.

Regarding the fact that the game is set to be launched in less than three months, it’s unlikely to expect a replacement in the voice actors team for the lead role. However, this change could finally happen in the future if SEGA attempts to develop a new entry for the franchise.

In that case, not only the voice of the character but also the appearance of the lead role in the game would be affected as well. A new Yagami that doesn’t even look like his previous versions doesn’t seem like a reasonable choice for SEGA. That being said, it’s not something impossible. Insomniac Games has already done it in Marvel’s Spider-Man by redesigning Peter Parker’s character model almost two years after the original launch.

Lost Judgement will be out on September 24 this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.