Icarus Week 17 (April 1) Update Patch Notes

Icarus Week 17 (April 1) Update Patch Notes

Icarus patch notes for april 1st update with details for new mission and changes made.

Icarus Week 17 Update is now available on Steam. According to the Icarus patch notes, the latest (April 1) update includes a new mission, customizable difficulty, changes to in-game time, new meta items, and bug fixes.

Icarus is a survival game where you can play with up to 8 friends in co-op. From the orbital station, you will be sent to an unknown planet’s surface for a limited time and you have to endure the brutal alien environment as you explore, harvest, hunt, and craft items. Those who survive can return back to the orbit station as veterans and exchange their exotic for more advanced technology and go back to the planet and take on more challenges.

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Icarus was once thought to be the second earth but the terraforming mission failed the air of the planet became toxic and humanity’s hopes of colonization died. But the planet is still considered valuable because of exotic matter which you have to collect while surviving to get more advanced and those who get left behind are lost forever.

What is new in the Icarus April 1 Update?

  • In-game Mission Timer
  • Temperature Rebalance
  • New Workshop Items
  • New Mission “Preservation: Stockpile”

Icarus Week 17 (April 1) Update Patch Notes

  • Added new Mission Difficulty System & UI to the Prospect Select Screen.
  • new Larkwell items: Axe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Sickle, Knife, Spear is Added.
  • Added new mission: ‘Canyon: Stockpile 2’.
  • Converted mission timer to be played time instead of real-world time.
  • Updated Mission End Screen.
  • Fixed New Temperature System:
    • Frostnip - Heatstroke occurs after 5 minutes in cold at a 10% chance every 2 minutes thereafter.
    • While in Grace Period, Players are no longer affected by temperature afflictions.
    • Resistances now shift to the safe zones.
    • Added new stats for direction temperature shift via modifiers (both internal & external).
    • Another Pass on Armor to adjust to the new system.
    • Small adjustment to safe zone base definitions on the player.
    • External temp shown on UI now takes into account water/wet external sources.
  • [CRASH] Fixed crash that could occur when the player receives a new quest objective.
  • [CRASH] Fixed crash that could occur when the terrain gets generated.
  • [CRASH] Added safety check to D3D12Texture as a temporary fix for the DirectX 12 crashes until we get a response from UDN.
  • [CRASH] Fixed crash that could occur when a player hits an object in a cave.
  • Fixed culling of the Ice Shader at a distance on the Frozen Mammoth asset.
  • Fixed grenade ballistic settings so that it doesn’t launch upright.
  • Fixed memory dependencies caused by the sprinkler system.
  • Fixed memory dependencies caused by light slot items.
  • Fixed concrete roof corner pieces having stone icons.
  • Improved Bacon icons, mesh, and fixed 4k textures.
  • Fixed memory dependencies caused by weapons.
  • Fixed Heat Bandage having same mesh as Basic Bandage.
  • Fixed the physical material of the stone arrow to be Wood and not Voxel Stone.
  • Fixed an issue with the player not being able to interact with items dropped in a dropship.
  • Fixed an issue where aggressive fish would not attack clients.
  • Fixed a bug where fish were attacking hosts but not clients.
  • Revised meshes/textures for metal ingot items.
  • Changed the prospect text from friends to steam friends only to make things clearer.
  • Added a button to watch the No Rescue video on the title screen.
  • Fixed a bug where audio wouldn’t play when some creatures were not visible.
  • Fixed an error where some subtitles didn’t match Sol’s dialogue in the Waterfall Expedition mission.
  • Fixed the Portable Beacon icon unable to be seen by clients.
  • Added max retry count to prospect expiry request to the backend.

Icarus is available on PC through Steam.