How to Unlock Card Mastery in Clash Royale and Level Up

Card Mastery in Clash Royale

Card Mastery in Clash Royale

Your cards will now have unique badges depending on the level!

Card Mastery is a new Clash Royale feature that unlocks if you are at King Level 7. It allows players to showcase their skills and get rewards. All Cards will now have tasks that can be completed by reaching certain milestones.

How to Unlock Card Mastery in Clash Royale

You’ll need to win 5 battles with a card to unlock its own specific Mastery Tasks. All of the cards in the game will have two sets of tasks that can be unlocked. and the third set of tasks is supposed to arrive in future updates.

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How to Unlock Card Mastery for any Card in Clash Royale.
How to Unlock Card Mastery for any Card in Clash Royale.

Depending on how rare your card is you will have to upgrade your card to a certain level to unlock the next set of tasks. For example, The first set of tasks for common cards unlocks at Card Level 7 while rare unlocks at level 8, and so on.

Graph of different levels of Cards needed to unlock Card Mastery in Clash Royale

All the cards will have different tasks of their own depending on how you use them, and each set of tasks will contain 3 tasks.

First Set of Tasks 

The first set of tasks will be pretty easy to complete and basic like spawning units with Spawners such as Goblin Hut or the Furnace or dealing damage to buildings or troops, for instance, Mini P.E.K.K.A’S first set of tasks involves dealing a certain amount of damage.

Second Set of Tasks

The second set of tasks is a bit more difficult. You will have to use your Cards in more specific situations. For example, the rage spell requires you to deal damage to enraged units in the second set of tasks.

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After completion of each task, you will earn one Mastery Level which will upgrade your Mastery Badge and you will also get really cool rewards such as gold, cards, Wild Cards, gems and you also get experience points.

Where can you complete the Mastery Tasks

You will be able to complete mastery tasks for all cards in Ladder, Tournaments, Party Modes, and challenges.

Clash Royale is now available on Android and iOS devices.