How to Play Mimir Quiz and How Much You Can Earn

How to Play Mimir Quiz
A safe play-to-earn game with no investment!

Mimir Quiz is probably one of the most straightforward play-to-earn games out there that doesn’t require you to be a gamer to become good at it! So, if you wonder how you to play Mimir Quiz and earn a few dollars every day, we have a full guide for beginners here.

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Officially launched on December 15 this year, Mimir Quiz is a trivia game with a number of online sessions every day, during which participants should answer 10 questions relating to a certain topic. Players who managed to answer all the questions correctly will get an equal share of the prize pool at the end of the session.

How to Play Mimir Quiz

All you need to do is to visit the game’s page and create an account. Once done, you should connect your wallet, i.e. MetaMask, to your account, and then you’re good to go!

Currently, there are two different game modes available in Mimir Quiz. The first one, Play to Earn, requires no entry fee. You can participate in these sessions without paying anything and earn tokens. This game mode features a prize pot of 500 Mimir Tokens and has a higher amount of participants.

On other hand, there is the Play to Win game mode, which requires an entry fee of 1 or 2 Mimir Tokens, but it features a prize pot of 1500 Mimir Tokens and has fewer participants, which means every winner’s share is bigger!

How Much You Can Earn From Mimir Quiz

It really depends on the number of participants and how many of them manage to be winners at the end. But you can probably win at least a few Mimir Tokens by winning each quest in Play to Earn mode, and even more in Play to Win.

Every day, there are two or three quiz sessions that you can participate in, and each one covers a specific topic.