How to Play Creatures of Aether - Elemental Tiles, Abilities

Rivals of Aether heroes step into the Card Battler world of Creatures of Aether.

If you do like Card Battler games, then you probably shouldn’t miss the new Aether entry. After the success of Rivals of Aether, now the developer expands the universe into Creatures of Aether, a Card Battler game. Although it might give off mobile game vibes, it’s a pretty fun experience if you ignore the Pay-to-Win microtransactions.

Card Battler games are all about having plans and changing plans. You step into the battle with a precise strategy in your mind, but things don’t exactly go according to your plans all the time. That’s when you need to change your plan.

Once you learn the rules, then it’s all about thinking smart. The same goes for Creatures of Aether. Here, we will go over the basic rules of the game, which could help you to adopt a better playstyle and find smarter plans.

How to Play Creatures of Aether

In a game of cards, the only thing matter is how to play your cards, not how powerful they are. The same goes for Creatures of Aether as well.


In Creatures of Aether, you play on a map of tiles. Each card is called a Creature and should be placed on a tile of your choice on the board. However, the placing matter, as each side of the card has a power rate that shows its vulnerability.

When you put a card on a tile, if the opponent puts a card next to it, then there will be a war between adjacent sides of both cards. The winner is the side with a higher power rate.

Since your opponent is the one who puts the card after you and starts the war, his card cannot be acquired at this phase as you are the defender. With a higher rate of power, the opponent can acquire your card, but with a lower power rate, nothing will happen. Acquiring a card in Creatures of Aether is called Flip.

When each player played all his cards, the game is finished and the winner is the player with the most cards on the board. So, as you guess, the main goal is to flip as many opponent cards as you can.

Elemental Tiles:

Each card in Creatures of Aether belongs to a certain element. The card’s element has been indicated on the bottom right corner of the card. These elements will appear as tiles on the board, though not all tiles are elemental. When you put a card on an Elemental Tile, if the card’s element matches the tile’s element, your card’s power will be boosted based on the power of the tile. But, if the tile and card have different elements, your card’s power will be decreased.

As you may guess, Elemental Tiles on the board could equally hurt or benefit you. It highly depends on your strategy and your opponent’s moves.

Card Ability:

Each player could have a Legendary card in his deck. A Legendary card features a certain ability that can be activated in certain situations. You can read each ability’s requirements by clicking on the card and opening its Info page. The Legendary card usually has a high power rate, which means you have to play it smart and carefully.

Deck Building:

Similar to most Card Battler games like Clash Royale, there is a deck builder in Creatures of Aether where you choose the cards that you want to take to the battle.

In Creatures of Aether, each player has a limited number of card slots and a Cost cap that must not be exceeded. These two limitations might avoid you from reaching a super strong deck of cards, but that’s the reason why it is called a strategic game.

Each player needs to choose 8 cards for his deck and the overall cost of the cards should not exceed 20. You can spot the cost of each card inside a red box below the card.

The suggestion is to make a deck that would benefit you the most. If you have a deck of fully strong cards, you are actually digging your own grave! Remember that if your opponent flips your card, you need to take it back, and it would be easier to take it back if your card was a weak one.

However, it doesn’t mean you should go with a fully weak deck. Try to make a balance for your playstyle. I would recommend having strong cards in your deck, at most.

How to Obtain New Cards

You can get new cards in different ways. You level up in the Rival Pass by simply playing the game and unlock new chests. You can also complete daily challenges and get rewards. Last but not least, you can play Dungeons to obtain new cards.

Keep in mind that once you get a card, you can upgrade it to increase the card stats if you gather enough copies of the same card.

Creatures of Aether is now available for free on PC, Android, and iOS.