Ghostwire Tokyo Has Been Delayed Until Next Year

Ghostwire Tokyo Delayed
Shinji Mikami's next horror adventure has been delayed to 2022.

Tango Gamesworks’ Ghostwire Tokyo will not be around until earlier 2022 as the developer announced in a recently shared statement on Twitter.

As explained in the statement, the reason behind the delay is to ensure the safety of employees against the COVID-19 pandemic and provide enough time for the team to deliver a polished experience of a haunting Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a brand new IP from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks that is supposed to deliver a fearful experience similar to the previous projects from Shinji Mikami. Although the gameplay elements in Ghostwire Tokyo seem pretty different compared to Mikami’s Resident Evil or The Evil Within titles, it is still expected to be a haunting experience.

Originally revealed at E3 2019, Ghostwire Tokyo follows the invasion of an unknown source into Tokyo that has led to the disappearance of 99% of the city’s population. As one of the few survivors, you should use your abilities to fights against the unknown threat and save the city from the paranormal, supernatural incident.

Ghostwire Tokyo features a first-person gameplay experience, where you can cast spells against enemies. Based on the gameplay trailers, it seems to feature fast-paced combats with a wide variety of enemies and spells. There will be more details around the game in the coming months as the recent statement reveals.

After the departure of Ikumi Nakamura, the creative director behind Ghostwire Tokyo, from the project, it was expected the studio might struggle to deliver the game on the planned date. On the other hand, it seems the growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan with the upcoming Olympic Games tournament is the other reason behind the delay. The game was first scheduled to release in October 2021.

Ghostwire Tokyo will be available on PS5 and PC when it launches in 2022. The game will remain exclusive to PS5 for one year, but after that, we can expect its launch on Xbox Game Pass for console subscribers.