Do You Need PS Plus to Play GTA Online on PS4 and PS5?

Do You Need PS Plus to Play GTA Online on PS4 and PS5?

Can you play GTA online without PS Plus subscription on PS4 and PS5?

A lot of PlayStation players wonder if they need a PS Plus to play GTA Online on PS4 and PS5, and there is a good reason for asking this question. The cost of an annual subscription for Playstation Plus is as much as a new AAA game so many can’t afford to get the subscription while they still have to purchase new titles to add to their gaming collection.

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Sony’s Playstation Plus subscription offers players exclusive game content, 100GB of cloud storage, and Share Play where you can play multiplayer and co-op games with your friends. If you can get the subscription for 12 months which is $59.99 you will save 50% compared to paying monthly and If you get it for 3 months it will cost you $24.99 which is $8.33 per month instead of paying $9.99 per month.

Can You Play GTA Online on PS4 and PS5 without PlayStation Plus?

The short answer is no. On PS4 you need to get a Playstation Plus subscription as well as the game itself to play GTA Online. But on PS5, you can play GTA Online by only having PS Plus and there is no need to own the game itself, though this is only available until June 15. Overall, there is no way to play the GTA Online without a PS Plus subscription.

Is PS Plus Subscription Worth It?

Yes, a PlayStation Plus subscription is absolutely worth it for £49.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US. With this 12-month membership, you can access more than 35 free PS5 and PS4 games. If you are an average gamer the free games will cover the cost of service while you will also be able to play multiplayer games like COD, Overwatch, and GTA Online.

You can get the PlayStation Plus subscription here at PlayStation.