Clash Royale Balance Update Patch Notes (April 4)

Clash Royale Balance Update Patch Notes (April 4)

Clash Royale Balance Update Patch Notes (April 4)

In the new Balance update for Clash Royale many cards are getting critical changes.

Clash Royale has officially announced the Balance Update Patch Notes which will be live on April 4th with the next season.

Clash Royale is a multiplayer real-time strategy game where you have to defend your towers and attack the enemy king towers with your troops. and collect and upgrade Rear cards of spells and troops while winning trophies in the Arena.

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Clash Royale Balance Update Patch Notes for April 4

After the recent Miner Update by Supercell, Clash Royale’s new balance update is scheduled to go live on April 4, in this update, many cards like the Mirror, Golden Knight, Giant Skeleton, Archers, and Ice Spirit will be buffed. while The Tombstone, Archer Queen, Graveyard, Valkyrie, and Mega Knight will get nerfed in the game.

Elixir Collector has been also nerfed with some changes to make it more usable along with the Electro Giant who is also getting nerfed with lower hitpoints and damage but also the Elixir cost for Electro Giant has been decreased from 8 to 7 making Electro giant more usable by the players.


  • Now gives +2 level instead of +1 level

Golden Knight

  • Dash Range: (5 -> 6)
  • Dash Chain stops whenever he reaches a Tower

Giant Skeleton

  • Hit Speed: (7% faster)
  • Hitpoints: (+7%)


  • Hit speed: (+9%)

Ice Spirit

  • Freeze Duration: (+30%)


  • Spawn rate: (5% slower)

Ram Rider

  • Slow effect: (-85% -> -70%)

Archer Queen

  • Ability hit speed boost: (+200% -> +180%)


  • Spawned skeletons: (-1)


  • Hitpoints: (-4%)

Mega Knight

  • Spawn damage: (-20%)

Elixir Collector

  • +1 Elixir at destruction
  • Duration: (70s -> 65s)
  • Elixir generation: (8.5s -> 9s)

Electro Giant

  • Elixir cost: (8 -> 7)
  • Hitpoints: (-15%)
  • Damage: (-15%)

Clash Royale is available on App Store for Apple users and also on Google Play for Android users Worldwide.