Battlefield 2042: Dynamic Maps, Wingsuits, Class Specialists, New Inventory

The biggest multiplayer maps ever in the Battlefield series await in the next entry.

The next Battlefield game is reportedly called Battlefield 2042 and will be a prequel to 2006’s Battlefield 2142.

The next mainline entry of the Battlefield series will be officially announced on June 9. However, before the official trailer comes out, a number of rumors are circulating around the game, leaking its official name and some unique features.

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Earlier today, a Reddit post appeared on the Leaks and Rumors channel suggesting some new information on the upcoming Battlefield title from the Discord channel of Tom Henderson, a well-known Battlefield leaker.

Battlefield 2042 Leaked Info

According to the post, the game is called Battlefield 2042 and it will have an Open Alpha/Beta test later this month. The game is supposed to be out in Fall 2021 and will be available on both current-gen and last-gen consoles. However, it apparently won’t support cross-gen-play.

The new inventory system offers two attachment options that allow players to carry additional weapon attachments and change them in the midst of the battle. Attachments include sights, magazines, and other weapon customizing items.

Each squad can have a Specialist per class. Specialists will have one unique ability to help out squad-mates. For example, a Medic specialist can shoot healing darts at teammates. Moreover, players will be able to call for various vehicles within the game, with no need to respawn on the map.

Battlefield 2042 will reportedly offer the biggest multiplayer maps in the whole franchise. The developers are determined to deliver 64v64 maps featuring dynamic weather. Maps will feature multiple sectors, each with multiple points that need to be captured by the players of each side.

Additionally, the game could feature some new movement mechanics like zip-lines, wingsuits, and grappling-hook.

With the next Battlefield’s official announcement on June 9, we will soon find out about the game’s big features. So, you’d better take the information above with a grain of salt until the official notes come out.