Apex Legends Update 1.65 Patch Notes - War Games Changes

Respawn Entertainment deployed the Apex Legends update 1.65 today, which mostly focused on adding the final changes to the game for the beginning of the War Games event as of tomorrow.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new event in Apex Legends that will add limited-time modifiers to the basic rules of the game in order to challenge players. War Games features a total number of five limited-time modifiers that each will be activated for a few days during the event. Below, you can take a look at each modifier and its description:

Apex Legends War Games Modifiers

Second Chance (April 13 to April 15)

  • As the name implies, you will have a second chance to live and get back to the zone in Second Chance. Every Legend that gets killed for the first time in the match, consumes a Respawn Token to get back to the match once again while saving all his weapons and gears.

Ultra Zones (April 15 to April 19)

  • The modifier increases the number of Hot Zones inside the map, which correspondingly tweaks your chance of getting Epic loot and Gold items. That being said, the zones are secured by some glowing bubbles called Flash Points, standing inside which will replenish your HP and shields.

Auto Banners (April 19 to April 21)

  • Thanks to this modifier, you will no longer need to loot a Squadmate’s death box to retrieve his Banner Card. Just head towards and respawn beacon and do what you need to do. The loot pool will also contain more Mobile Respawn Beacons.

Killing Time (April 21 to April 23)

  • What happens in Apex if with the death of each Legend the ring closes quickly? You will soon find out, once the Killing Time modifier goes live. With every legend’s death in the game, the remaining time until the end of the match reduces by a certain amount. So, you will need to always keep yourself inside the ring.

Armor Regen (April 23 to April 27)

  • The final modifier of War Games will deal with armors. Every time a legend takes damage, his armor will start to regenerate after 8 seconds. The regeneration time increases to 16 seconds if the player’s armor gets cracked.

It’s worth noting that the Apex Legends update 1.65 is a small patch that weighs around 200 MB depending on your platform. If any specific patch notes arrive for the update, we will share them here.

Apex Legends is available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.